since this is the third that has been operated on at the hos-

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to the General Secretary not later than twenty-one days

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be convicted of manslaughter. But fatal results from the use

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taxes free, also coal, light, water, and cleaning, or in lieu thereof £20

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ing. 7. Hygiene of Cities. 8. Railway and Ship Hygiene.

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fumes. As is well known, these fumes arise at various stages

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on Mr. Lombai'd John Newman Tanner, L. R.C.P. A S.PM.,

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that we have lately had the researches of Professor Clowes

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stage in his labours, to perceive what apjilications his results

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and published in the British Medical Journal in accord-

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have bred broader views and wider sympathies, and the sub-

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quite certain that some mode of dealing with it must be de-

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on a Government action. . The Cliairman said he had a letter

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fixed < n the metallic stopper by an indianibher tube, which

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officials and to the medical profession. It must be manifest

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is discussed at length. They sliow that 2,915 indi-

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in connection with similar passages in other medical papyri.

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L Hinde, London ; Dr. C. Holman, London ; Mr. H. Huxley, London ;

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ciples enforced al.istinence from flesh or meat on them, and

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agreeable impression. It is impossible to suppose that their

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progressive I estimate the chances of life by inonths only.

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worth; M.R.C.S. ; Mr. W. McConnel, Cambridge. (N) P. A. Nightin-

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The herb Bull Batatu, pounded in a closed vessel with the milk of a

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stances common to the two, who lived in widely separated

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cultivation areas for many diseases in this country, and it is difficult to

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private practice, unless circumstances rendered such a con-

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Jledicine and F'jrti')ic Medicine— A P Davies, London Hospital; E. J.

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tion of rejections to passes as respects both the earlier and

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starved. No one would propose to hand over the education

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respiration varied much from time to time. Eariy in Decem-

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respect the evidence which Germany was able to give regard-

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Ludgate Circus, to recover £.399 for medical and surgical attendance on

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out the recommendation of the Commission that lepers and

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curators-Fiscal to conduct such inquiries in public, aud give publicity to

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able disease, but much may be done by proper at' en tion to the

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serve to illustrate, I believe, the chief complications which

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express itself by public meetings, by noisy demonstra-

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chemistry, diabetes being, like gout, a chemical form of

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the womb is doing its duty, as it were, and such aiter-pains are not very

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health, he did not know what was the matter with me. I

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as particles of lime dust or plaster finding their way into the

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Reguuental officers on detachment duty at Attock, for instance, can