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the urinary or genital tract. A local tuberculous focus

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chronic infection in other words au acute lighting up of an

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disposes to an accumulation of the fluids in the internal vessels

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ance of solitary lymph follicles. They were however far more numerous than

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institutional need for assistance reirain as indicated by the National

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practitioners who devote themselves zealoush to its advance

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psychiatrists be asked to name what they consider to be the causal factor

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in those cases in which meningitis has occurred enuclea

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often no drainage at all simply a u.seless foreign body.

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during the last fortnight of the illness from which I extract the

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sufferings. It is I believe not to be doubted that the gout like

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either side of the vertebral column and their appear

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intestinal derangements are best corrected by castor oil or rhubarb and

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Doses of Medicine for Children A child one year old or

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gether these data suggest that a direct action of licorice on

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laid by connective tissue behind the elbow or on the abdo

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Nervous System. Usual therapeutic doses of these sub

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mucosa to their normal size and consistence and of the return

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many other hospital problems too often overlooked. Let

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symptoms or a diarrhoea consisting of three or four large movements

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office one year and until others are appointed to bring

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cures are trustworthy and that it can hardly be possible

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or black may alternate with lines of red where the mu

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These media being composed entirely or mainly of agar

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and social well being. Given this comprehensive view of

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case. The original upper right lobe involvement is demarcated strongly and

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went to New Orleans where he was the first to practise homoeopathy. He

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twenty to twenty five centigrams of tobacco in substance

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The terrible insane craving for alcoholic stimulants is

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with a standard scale. Kienbock divides the erythema dose

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